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"Our clients inspire us,

our expertise defines us"

Proudly independent and driven by innovation; serving the unique advisory needs of CEO, Founders, Entrepreneurs, Next-Gen Innovators & Wealth Creators, Sàwai is a pioneer in the Impact Family Office concept and Investment Advisory.

Headquartered in the business district of Gurugram with satellite offices in the Lutyens Bungalow Zone - New Delhi, Goa & Dubai, Sàwai provides a unique integrated platform and ecosystem of comprehensive real estate, investment banking and wealth, lifestyle management consulting, and advisory services.

Sàwai’s direct access to industry, investment, and consulting stalwarts advising on strategic vision, technology, financial thought leadership, managing investment, financing, fundraising, and incubating ideas right up to scalable business models help drive our client’s businesses forward.

As an independent, fee-only registered investment advisory, we are held to the highest of fiduciary standards. We are invested in our clients and are committed to providing the solutions and financial confidence they seek. We place the highest importance on our customers' needs, partnerships, and values.

Our experienced partners provide portfolio construction, asset allocation, and best practices in managing client resources. Together with a caring team of professionals, we have built a collegial culture within the firm that focuses on service, accessibility, and developing long-term relationships - we believe this, along with the quality and integrity of our advice, differentiates us from others.