Sàwai is India’s first leisure, lifestyle & wealth management platform for the discerning few with a profound appreciation of the elegant and creative offering for those who demand the luxury of being unique.

SÀWAI - A Cut Above

What makes us "A Cut Above"

SÀWAI is a one-of-a-kind platform, the first of its type in India, that curates leisure, lifestyle, and wealth for the most discerning patrons using the unique “stock to serve” and “search to serve” principles.

SÀWAI allows you to browse curated collections, explore top destinations, be inspired by the world's most visionary luxury brands, and experience the extraordinary and sublime: an unforgettable birthday or wedding in a private castle with a private polo match; an exciting journey through your bucket list road trip behind the wheels of the latest Ferrari or a Geländewagen, an intimate dinner with a Michelin star chef and much more.

Our one-of-a-kind partners reflect their individuality and authenticity handpicked by us.

Our Leisure partners are premium boutique hotels that embody the thoughts of a visionary hotelier - someone with love for genuine hospitality and cultural authenticity, as well as thought-provoking design and ground-breaking architecture. Villas and houses ranging from custom-designed estate mansions perched on mountain peaks to stunning private ocean getaways and much more.

Restaurants provide the ultimate luxury experience of discovering global haute cuisine: a world of exquisite flavours and unending enjoyment. Yoga retreats and spas that provide the ultimate in relaxation to revitalise inner strength and work in unison with the environment to assist our patrons in rediscovering nature and rebalancing their spirit. Helicopters and private jets provide a level of seamless private and personal travel services unrivalled in the industry, providing a safe, smooth, and exclusive passage through the air and airport.