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Say "I DO" the Sàwai way | Bespoke Luxury Weddings

"Faith makes all things possible; love makes all things easy," but at Sàwai, we do both for you. Wedding day is considered the most important day of your life; therefore, we make it as memorable as possible for you and your family. Begin the most important chapter of your life by planning a wedding with the assistance of Sàwai.

Our resources are nearly endless, with a diverse selection of weddings by location and season to browse through, outfits to meet every bride's style, and honeymoon preparation checklists.

There's something beautiful about exchanging vows in a distant place, surrounded by your closest friends and family. On the other hand, that euphoric sensation can begin to fade when organizing a destination wedding. There's a lot that goes into it, from restrictions to language barriers to the act of simply getting there in the first place. Not to mention the availability of your guests, the weather, and the financial constraints of your wedding budget. Does it appear to be too much? We're aware of the situation. Don't be concerned.

What Are the Benefits of a Destination Wedding?

Are you split between having a destination wedding? While planning may be a time-consuming task, there are numerous benefits to doing so. Some of them are as follows:

  1. Because of the efforts of wedding planners and coordinators, they tend to be a little less stressful.

  2. These weddings can be less expensive than traditional weddings

  3. They can also be used as a getaway with your loved ones.

  4. They can assist you in narrowing down your guest list.

  5. It serves as a beginning to your honeymoon, which is a win-win situation.

Talking about wedding planners, we dedicate a marked team so that everything can be executed flawlessly. Sàwai curates and customizes every subtle element to meet your specific needs for your special day. From choosing the best chefs to prospecting unique venues, we do it all. We bring together breath-taking venues, delicious meal options that are tailored to your preferences, bespoke services, and our experienced events planning team to make your wedding an occasion to remember. Make your big day one to something to look back on by weaving love, uniqueness, and elegance throughout it and saying, "I did it the #sawaiway."

Sàwai will remain consistent in all decisions, from banquets to lawns, menus to party favors. Sàwai transforms nuptials into a celebration of a lifetime. We go above and beyond to make your wedding the best it can be. Some of the services we offer are as follows:

  • Decor and Design

Wedding décor and design are elements that draw attention to and bring life to any wedding event. As the top wedding decorators in India, we conceptualize, plan, and coordinate all parts of a wedding, which other Indian wedding decorators do not. Sàwai covers the whole execution of a wedding theme, including floral arrangements, lighting, props, and so on, according to the client's specifications and ideas.

  • Destination & Venue Selection

It is usually complex and exhausting to look for and decide on the appropriate location or destination for a wedding, which most destination wedding planning firms fail to do efficiently. This is subject to several conditions, including the season of your wedding, your overall budget, and the availability of a property.

  • Entertainment

A wedding is beautiful because it includes all of our favorite people in every ceremony to bring it back to life. With every one-of-a-kind experience we plan for your wedding, we guarantee that your guests will be delighted and pleased by our wedding entertainment activities.

  • Food and Beverages

Food is special. Yes, and it excites us to think about delicacies from all around the world. We have the best wedding caterers in India who endeavor to develop menus, organize visually appealing meals, and surprise guests with personalization and care. Everything else appears to be in place, thanks to the wonderfully laid and prepared food.

Every wedding has its own set of traditions and ceremonies. We customize each ceremony based on the requirements and do the detailing accordingly. Even though thorough planning is our secret to success, we keep to it religiously. Be it makeup artist, photography, choreography, wedding cakes, or trousseau packing. We are here to assist you in connecting with the best in our field.

Say, “I do” we’ll take care of the rest.

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