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Sojourn In Goa With Sàwai

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

Workation is what you need.

Aren't we all tired of the mundane rat race to offices and crowded places with the continuous honking of metropolitan cities, especially with covid around?

A place to free yourself from all the stress and worldly responsibilities. A serene and secluded place to work from home, a peaceful walk by coastline barefoot on sand, fresh air brushing past your hair and water adventures giving you butterflies is what you need.

Sàwai ensures to add a tinge of luxury and comfort in your life with exciting vacation offers regularly. Astonishing vacation villas, lease property and absolute comfort amenities to pamper you like never before.

Take a workation, give yourself a break that you have been planning for long, find the serenity in sand and sea.

Live the life you have been scrolling on your Instagram feed of digital itinerants exploring the world while wondering why are you stuck at home. Post a beach every day while working with sights and sounds of nature.

Imagine working near a seashore with peace beside and a chilled beer in your hand. Happening yet peaceful life after working hours, enjoying the nightlife of goa parties or astounding beaches with your friends and family. Trying new Goan cuisines every day. Walking and trotting on roads flanked with coconut trees, finally saying LOVE YOU ZINDGI and meaning it. - sounds like a dream right? Live the dream in Goa and make it all happen.

Workation and not a vacation because covid did bind us in quarantine for some time but not anymore. Sàwai provides luxurious sanitised places which feel like a serene sanctum when visited. But why just visit it? Stay a little longer. Workation has become the new trend as it gives you more time to explore and feel the culture of a particular place, is not planned like a quick trip or vacation where you just visit the famous and listed locations. You get the time to experience the culture and explore the places which have not been discovered or listed online.

Book your Workation today because we know DIL CHAHTA HAI. Sàwai promises to deliver you the utmost luxury while you work and explore.

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