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Why you should buy a "Pre-loved" car from SÀWAI | Luxury Automobiles

Buying a pre-owned car can be tricky, especially when you’re leaning towards buying a pre-owned luxury automobile. Many “luxury” cars are very well built and aren’t very aggressively driven; therefore, it’s wiser to buy a pre-loved and owned car. Purchasing a car appears simple, but numerous aspects influence the decision. At The Sawai, we prioritize quality over all else; therefore, matching you with the perfect car is our highest priority.

Just thinking about getting a car brings a slew of questions, such as how much it will cost to insure it. How much more will routine maintenance cost? How long-term reliable is that make and model, and how pricey are non-routine replacement parts? How much extra will the petrol cost you? The Sawai has got you covered with information on every car you may desire.

Some of the vehicles that could be yours simply by utilizing our concierge service are as follows:

  • Land Rover- Range Rover Velar- 2020

Name - Land Rover

Model Name - Range Rover Velar

Variant - 2.0 R Dynamic HSE

Description - Automatic, Petrol

Range Rover Velar is beautifully balanced, with optimized proportions. Its proud Range Rover lineage is instantly recognizable: from the formal, powerful front end through a flowing, continuous waistline, culminating in a taut and elegantly tapered rear.

  • Jaguar XF- 2020

Name - Jaguar

Model Name - XF

Variant - Portfolio

Description - Automatic Petrol

A stunning combination of presence and performance. Jaguar XF features a new diesel range that is enhanced by mild-hybrid technology.​ With generous amounts of legroom, customizable seating positions, and new massage settings, your XF truly is your sanctuary.

  • BMW X1- 2020

Name - BMW

Model Name - BMW X1

Variant - S Drive 20d XLine

Description - Diesel, Automatic

BMW’s X1 has always been a driver’s car, but the 2020 update will impress your family too. Best in the segment. When we consider overall features, it has more power, space, more driving pleasure, surprisingly comfortable in the rear seat, a Gorgeous panoramic sunroof, perfect road trip space, a large boot, good ground clearance.

  • Volvo XC90- 2020

Name - Volvo

Model Name - Volvo XC90

Variant - XC90 Momentum Luxury

Description - Diesel, Automatic

Intuitively yours. Advanced technology helps connect your drive to personalized comfort and mobility. Even when traveling with friends and family, a little elbow room is welcome. In the XC90 SUV, seven people ride in true comfort and safety from the shortest cross-town journey to the holiday road trip.

  • Audi Q5- 2020

Name - Audi

Model - Q5

Variant - 45 TFSI Premium Plus

Description - Automatic, Petrol

The 2020 Q5 features a standard 252-hp turbocharged four-cylinder, a seven-speed automatic transmission, and Quattro all-wheel drive. The turbo four provides plenty of punch to scoot the Q5 around town or blast down a highway on-ramp, and it is smooth, quiet, and mellifluous.

When it comes to the advantages of purchasing a "Pre-Loved" vehicle, there are plenty.

some of them are -

Saves you Money

Buying a used automobile when you need a replacement vehicle might be a good investment, especially if you are looking for a luxury vehicle.

Lower Depreciation Rates

When you drive a brand new car off the showroom, it depreciates and loses its original value. Compared to a new car, this feature gives the buyer an advantage because used cars depreciate at a lower rate.

Low Insurance Rates

The car's insurance rate is calculated based on its market value because the value of pre-owned vehicles has already depreciated significantly over time, its insurance rate is typically lower.

Premium Experience and Better Performance

Regardless of how refined today's engines are, a used luxury automobile will deliver a luxurious performance and a premium driving experience that mainstream automakers can rarely match.

Advanced Safety Features

Seat belts, blind-spot monitors, airbags, backup cameras, smart cruise control, key-less entry, push-start button, and more are standard features in luxury vehicles.

SÀWAI Quality Check

Let's be honest: people take better care of their cars than of themselves. When you purchase a pre-owned car from SÀWAI, you can be confident in its overall condition.

It will be possible to own these nicely constructed automobiles if you have Sàwai on your side. Sàwai not only finds you the vehicle you want but also finds you the best offer possible.

Check our website or our Instagram for more information.

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