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Your pet's day out - The SÀWAI way! | Luxury Pet Services

Dogs and cats are no longer just considered pets; they are now regarded as a part of the family. Pet shop owners and service providers were quick to note the growing popularity of the trend toward the humanization of pets. As a result, the entire pet business was irreversibly altered.

In today's society, high-end pet items, care facilities, and services are prevalent; as a result, luxury pet treatment has established a foothold in the market. These markets have become more specialized, more focused, and, of course, more extravagant with time, much like the human luxury industry. The luxury pet industry is a multibillion-dollar enterprise.

The unconditional and limitless love that the furry angels have for us demands more than simply our attention and care. There may be no more loving customers than animals. It should come as no surprise that some of the world's most recognizable fashion firms are generating news with their latest offerings in hooman trends. Surprising as it may sound, many of these companies aren't actually for people who walk on two legs! Several well-known designers have also lent their creativity and good taste to the creation of luxurious and sophisticated dog accessories. Here are some luxurious dog items designed by luxury businesses, whether you're looking to reward the most adorable canine companion on the planet or want to incorporate your refined sensibilities into your dog’s life.

1. Haute House Pet Bed

This is, without a doubt, a bed fit for canine royalty. Remember, it is not only important to be on point in our waking times, but it is also important to be on point in our dreaming moments.

2. Gucci Dog Carrier

In this iconic Gucci print pet carrier, let’s be honest here, and you can travel in the lap of luxury with your canine companion.

3. Ralph Lauren Dog Trench Coat

Trenches are one of those pieces that are most closely associated with fashion in the human world. If you never go out of style in a trench coat, your dog will never go out of style in one, either!

When combined with the gold hardware, this collar and leash set transports you to a more luxurious dimension. Don't you think your pet should have some fashionable collar and leash options if you are constantly on the road from one gala or party to another? That way, they won't make a fashion faux pas.

At SÀWAI, everyone is an ardent pet lover, so one of our numerous verticals is dedicated to creating an epitome of indisputable care for these beautiful little creatures. Is your furry friend in need of attention, but you're short on time? You can put your trust in us to take good care of your canines and felines by redefining pet care through the most soul-stirring experience available only through SÀWAI pet services. Some of the services we offer are-

Overnight Boarding

Do you need to travel somewhere but can't leave your pet alone? We will make sure to get the best keeper to take care of your furry buddies by tending to all of their needs, keeping your pet attended at all times.

Luxury Pet Spa

How do you feel when you go home from work after a long day, and your pet greets you? Isn't that a great way to relieve stress? But shouldn't something be done to revitalize your little bundle of joy as well? We've made certain that you won't have to look elsewhere for solutions. We will make sure to get your pet the best services from pedicure, massages, hair streaking to complete makeovers.


We understand that your small pet mates experience sheer euphoria amid areas that allow them to play, run, and unwind in full vitality. This is why we make certain that your pet receives the greatest day-care services, allowing them the freedom they need on the contours of akin street surroundings.

Pick and Drop Facility

We understand what it takes to entrust your pet's care to someone else, especially when you have to be away from your pet, even for a short period of time. We offer transportation services and will pick up and return your pet to you.

Among other services, we promise to take care of your furry companion to the best of our capabilities. Your pet’s well-being and holistic growth are our priorities. Thus, rely on us for the best services exclusively available to our SÀWAI Club Members. Visit our website to become a member.

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