Sàwai Estate

Sàwai Estate gives you an opportunity to own and experience bespoke luxury in the quiet and tranquil valleys, foothills, and riverside of Uttarakhand.

We are developing iconic holiday retreats - a home away from home. Contemporary in design, timeless in style, equipped with the best-in-class facilities, amenities, and services, and cushioned with heartfelt hospitality, Sàwai Estate is a unique, exclusive, and secure purchase investment with high returns. Ofcourse, our luxury concierge and lifestyle management service, the SÀWAI club members get priority access to all our projects and more!

SÀWAI Estate

Market Gaps

The fragmented and unorganized real-estate market in Uttarakhand with smaller circles of influence over an audience.

The buying behavior is changing in the post COVID world creating a need for a secondary holiday home within a four to six hour drive from Delhi-NCR.


Joel Villegas Alonzo

One of the best designers globally, Joel has worked with luxury hotels and resorts and designed super luxury homes for the discerning clientele across New York, Doha, Singapore, Jakarta and Bali, and across the world.

Jessi Koldashi

Jessi Koldashi

Jessi is a quintessentially luxury Italian designer, creating the beautiful elegance of Italian interior designs, taking luxury to a whole new level in the homes. She has crafted across multiple cities in Italy, Spain and other countries in Europe. Super luxury Italian designs, exclusive furniture and decor and discerning art is her speciality.

Kseniya Kitayeva

Kseniya Kitayeva is an European interior designer who has a very unique experience of working in Europe as well as Dubai. She has a unique perspective of both elegant Italian and contemporary European luxury and the flamboyance and dazzle of luxury as is perceived in Dubai and Middle East.

Wafer Studio

Based out of Rome, Wafer studio is a creative, artistic, and ambitious ensemble founded by international architects Salvatore and Luca.

Together they have created some of the most iconic offices, headquarters, and luxury residences in Europe and the Middle East.

Execution Partner

Founded by Divyanshu Sharma, Stanford and IIM Calcutta alumni, Mansionly has decades of experience in delivering world class projects in India. Mansionly is a one stop shop for turnkey solution, curated from across the globe, delivered end to end creating a hassle free experience.
Mansionly delivers global ideas, innovation and international quality.

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