Luxury Real Estate & Asset Management by SÀWAI

Whether you want to buy, sell, or rent a first-class house, our professionals and concierge home services can identify the ideal property to fit every lifestyle and investment desire.

Wealth Management by SÀWAI

We team up with high-net-worth individuals, families, and select foundations and endowments to build wealth and implement investment plans.

Experience the divine gifts of nature while vacationing in your own private property as you soak in the luxury.


Flying spontaneously to a beautiful beach for a romantic dinner or inviting your business partners to an exclusive location for a meeting, we are by your side to exceed your expectations.

Luxury Private Travel by SÀWAI

The passion of real automobile aficionados is limitless, just as our VIP service.

Luxury Goods Sourcing Marketplace by SÀWAI

Sàwai Marketplace is a one-stop-shop for art and installations, antiques and artifacts, unique watches, vintage jewelry, one-of-a-kind autos, apparel, and everything luxurious.

Our Executive Assistants can support our private, family, and corporate clients with a range of discrete, seamless lifestyle management services.

The art market is complex, and we help our clients navigate it with our experience, network, and privileged access.

We create luxurious residences and deliver exceptionally high, personalized levels of service.

Luxury Events | Weddings, Polo Matches, VIP Tickets, Concerts by SÀWAI

Whether your plans are on very short notice or if the event is extremely exclusive, Sàwai Club will get you access.

Luxury Weddings and planning by SÀWAI

Through our platform, access the best wedding planners. Our partners understand the emotions that accompany the planning of a dream wedding and always deliver.

Private Education by SÀWAI

Private Education

We understand the value and importance of education.

Our experience helps us provide a highly sought-after selection service.

Security SÀWAI

Whether you are running a large commercial establishment or need security for a small residential complex, we cover everything.