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5 Ways SÀWAI Can Help You Make the Most of Your Vacation | Luxury Vacations & Concierge

Are you one of those people who return from a week's vacation and declares, "I need a vacation from my vacation!" Don't be concerned; you're not alone.

The key to avoiding this scenario of post-vacation stress is good planning before the vacation and great support while you're away. SÀWAI can make sure that you have both. We want your vacation to be a stress-relieving experience rather than a source of additional stress.

Following a few simple guidelines and relying on your concierge for assistance as you plan your vacation will increase your chances of having a successful vacation experience that will leave you satisfied, re-energized, and ready to return to work.



This is the first and most important question to answer before deciding where you want to go. Do you like to go-go-go while traveling, trying to see how many tourist attractions you can fit on the head of a pin? Or do you prefer to unplug entirely, stay put, and engage in a few low-key activities? The answer to this question may be heavily influenced by the workplace’s pace and level of stress. Be truthful with yourself and your family members about your vacation requirements. Getting this right sets the tone for the type of vacation you plan, ensuring that when you return home, you've gotten the most out of your time away.

Do you need assistance deciding what you want from your vacation? A SÀWAI lifestyle assistant can provide you with an outside perspective and the clarity you seek.


A romantic trip for two looks very different from a trip with children who nap and drop goldfish between the minivan seats, which looks pretty different from a trip with your mother-in-law. Be aware of everyone's needs and limitations. A good vacation is one in which each traveler has at least one unique activity or goal that he is looking forward to and will enjoy. Make sure there's something for everyone. Furthermore, the dynamics of your group will determine the most appropriate mode of transportation and travel for you. We recommend that you choose a transportation package with the best value over one that saves you the most money, especially if you are traveling with young children and/or senior family members.

Our concierges are travel planning experts who can assist you in creating an itinerary that will appeal to your entire group.


Trying to cram two dozen museums into a weekend trip to Rome is a recipe for disaster. Determine how much time you have available for vacation and plan accordingly. If you only have a few days or a week, don't waste it sitting in a car or doing Sudoku in a cramped airplane seat. Get somewhere fast and stay there. Make the most of your time at the destination so that you can truly enjoy it. If you have 2-4 weeks, this could be the ideal time to make that RV trip out west to see the National Parks, do some backpacking in North India, or simply relax and reset at your favorite spot with your favorite people in Goa!

Whatever your schedule or destination, our concierges can assist you in making the most of your trip by researching the area, locating once-in-a-lifetime opportunities, and handling all of the minor details and tasks that pile up back home when you travel.


The last thing any of us wants to do is stand in line for 78 minutes in 100-degree heat and 96-per cent humidity for three minutes of the profound joy that only spinning in circles in a lavender teacup can provide. You have a much better chance of enjoying your vacation and still wanting to live with your same family members afterward if you eliminate as many avoidable discomforts and inconveniences as possible before leaving home.

If you must visit during peak season, your personal concierge would be delighted to recommend the best vacation for your family, plan your itinerary, and book your apps and restaurant reservations. As research experts, our concierges are happy to assist you in determining the best time of year to visit popular tourist destinations—or in locating that off-the-beaten-path location that will become special to you and your family.


Here are a few quick tips to keep in mind while packing and preparing:

- If you're flying, pack an extra set of clothes in your carry-on in case your luggage is misplaced or delayed.

- Pack any medications that will be required during your vacation (again, in a carry-on if flying).

- Pack a good book to read on the road. And, if you're traveling with children, some kid-friendly activities. Word searches, coloring books, card games, and handcrafts such as crocheting are excellent choices.

- Apply for and/or gather all necessary travel documents, such as photo identification, passports, and so on.

- If you are visiting another country, make sure you have all of the necessary immunizations.

Of course, SÀWAI can assist you in stress-free vacation preparation by creating a pre-vacation checklist, making all travel arrangements, applying for any necessary travel documents, creating a packing list, and even packing for you and your family. We take pride in getting to know our clients and providing those extra, thoughtful touches that offer you true peace of mind!

When it comes to vacations, we all have high expectations. We plan and fantasize about them for months. A failed vacation is a huge letdown—and it can feel like a colossal waste of time and money. SÀWAI is here to help you prepare for your leisure and take care of some of your needs so you can relax while traveling and know everything is taken care of.

Call us to schedule an appointment to walk you through some of the planning steps we've included here and identify which ones we can assist you with. We can help you research vacation spots and tourist attractions, as well as book travel arrangements. Let us lighten the load by removing some red tape associated with obtaining travel documents and filling prescriptions while on the road.

And, while you're gone, we can continue to support you in the ways we already do: dropping off dry-cleaning, checking on your parents, meeting any home maintenance personnel, arranging for pet care, talking to your plants, handling mail, and so on. Only your imagination limits how we can help you. We can most likely assist you if you need it done. Just ask, and we'll get started on planning your dream vacation right away!

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