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Ayubowan Sri Lanka! | Sàwai

Curating luxury vacation experience in Sri Lanka. Imagine lying in your bed, contemplating to magically transport yourself to a villa with not just a poolside view but also a beautiful glittering turquoise-blue beach blessing your eyes too! Sàwai can make your dream come true.


Tangalle is famous for its extensively lush green mangroves in Sri Lanka, endless seashores along with a few culturally famous sites. This luxury villa is located in the fishing village of Tangalle, aloof of the hustling in the cities with open and uncluttered sandy beaches at a 500m distance.

House Tour

Apart from the splendid sea-view suite, nature's aesthetics have been incorporated in the daily essentials like an outdoor shower, under the humongous blue horizon shaded by the Frangipani tree. The secluded pool suite invites you to a mesmerizing tropical garden and a private timber pool deck. A bathtub next to the lily pond is beautified by the fruit trees, viewed from the garden suite.

The four-bedroom retreat is complemented by a living room and a dining area. The serenity of the place is reflected from the woods, the flora, the rooms, and the architecture that immense attention is given to the living room, making it the calmest corner with a pool and an open-plan structure for a serene ocean view. The dining area has the capacity of eight on its high-backed wooden chairs, embracing the culture of togetherness.

Cuisine, basic and special amenities

The villa has a lot to offer like a relaxing Ayurvedic spa within cinnamon walls, a terrace lounge, several free sitting spots for reading, etc. One of the specialities of this villa, apart from its location amidst a cashew grove, is its cuisine. The villa supports the locals and serves Sri Lankan and European food.

Facilities and services like a kitchenette, housekeeping, parking, laundry service, vehicle rentals, luggage storage, barbeque, and bar, etc are readily available with its effect of 'on the house' or 'complimentary'.

Nearby places to visit

Bundala National Park: Internationally profound wintering ground for migratory birds that harbours approximately 197 species of birds. The apex is the flamingo birds. The National Park is just about 40km away.

● Rekawa: The Rekawa Turtle Conservation Project is a marine turtle conservation site that aims at protecting the sea turtles that visit the coastline. Within the 15 km radar, the beach is a home ground for Sri Lanka's 5 species of indigenous marine turtles. April to July is the ideal season to witness the exquisite turtles that visit you in the night on the shores.

● Udawalawe: The National Park was created to provide a home to the displaced wild animals in the process of construction of the Udawalawe Reservoir. Being the third most visited National Park in the country, it's a habitat for water birds and Sri Lankan elephants. It is almost 70 km away from the house.

● Dondra: Dondra settled at the extreme southern tip of the country is a domain for the colossal blue whales. Between December and April, the rhythmic waves of the sea sing the song of 'happiness in solitude' in your ears with the gorgeous sighting of marine animals.

● Kalametiya Bird Sanctuary: The

bird-watching boat tour is an experience in itself. The local fishermen take you to explore and enrich the birdlife experience in their habitat and not under human captivity. The sanctuary is about 20km away from the villa.

Despite having all the amenities at our home amidst the daily struggles and jostling through life, we are still in search of tranquillity. This Sàwai Villa brings serenity to your service with the help of nature. Far away from the toxic pollutants, this villa is not just a place for detoxification but also, an abode to rejuvenate mentally, physically, and spiritually.

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