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Explore Goa With Sàwai | Luxury Travel & Vacations

'Dil Chahta Hai' introduced all of us to the coolest place in India, and every group of friends has made a plan to visit Goa. Some plans were executed and turned into Instagram posts while some were sent off to that 'one day. Sàwai promises you to put your plan into action and ensures to aid you with the best assistance till you return from the trip.

Goa is a contemporary blend of Indian and Portuguese culture glazed with sandy beaches, music, sea, and exquisite cuisine. It is India's wonderland of paradise where the Indian musicians first began to compose in western musical forms. As the pioneering state of India to adopt westernization, Goa is full of life and colors, reflected in its architectural buildings and old houses where some are painted in lively colors and some depicting the Portuguese essence.

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