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Explore Goa With Sàwai | Luxury Travel & Vacations

'Dil Chahta Hai' introduced all of us to the coolest place in India, and every group of friends has made a plan to visit Goa. Some plans were executed and turned into Instagram posts while some were sent off to that 'one day. Sàwai promises you to put your plan into action and ensures to aid you with the best assistance till you return from the trip.

Goa is a contemporary blend of Indian and Portuguese culture glazed with sandy beaches, music, sea, and exquisite cuisine. It is India's wonderland of paradise where the Indian musicians first began to compose in western musical forms. As the pioneering state of India to adopt westernization, Goa is full of life and colors, reflected in its architectural buildings and old houses where some are painted in lively colors and some depicting the Portuguese essence.

Arrive in Goa

The excitement of spending days in Goa starts from the planning itself. No matter which mode of transport you choose, the zest to visit Goa always crosses the bar.

In Goa

Goa is for b-each and every one!


Palm down! The prime reason for everyone to visit this place is to wear their sunglasses, put on their sunscreen and take a shade on the sandy beach of Goa and listen to the mellow sound of waves. Goa’s nightlife is to the nightclubs and bars at the beaches for all the party people.

Pay a visit to Butterfly Conservatory

Visit this sanctuary, a conservation project started by an ordinary couple, to see the delicate and beautiful varied species of butterflies and get an insight into their nature and behaviors.

Take a walk to the Spice Plantations

The spice plantations are some of the most offbeat places to visit in Goa. Walk through the aromatic fresh plantation and learn about various spices and their essence to elevate a dish and give it an identity of its own.

Cruise Date night

Raise your glass with your date on a romantic cruise setting allured by the colors of dusk shimmering on river water.

Indulge In Shopping at Anjuna Flea Market

Go beyond the beaches of Goa and explore the crafts arena of the Goan people at the Anjuna Flea market.


Keep calm and trek! Trekking through green groves, right by the vast endless ocean is altogether a different experience at Arambol beach or cross some small streams to witness the Todo waterfalls in Netravali.

Explore Goa on wheels

Funky glasses and beach-y outfit, let’s HAVANA good time!

Explore the Mandrem beach on a quad bike and go cycling on the Miramar beach, any which way feel the breeze of fresh air and transverse the rural parts of the city.

Adventure sports

Shell we goa-n adventure?

As much as Goa is a hub of partying and chilling, you can not separate goa from sports activities. Be it water rafting, hot air ballooning, parasailing, or kayaking, you name it and Goa has stored it all for you.


View the coastline of Goa from the sea and spot the dolphins at Siquerium. Crocodile spotting in the Zuari river and witnessing the endangered animals at Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary are a getaway to the wildlife of Goa.

Pack your beach essentials and say YES! to Goa with Sàwai. Come what may, our travel team ensures that your vacation is memorable and filled with stories to share with loved ones. From creating a custom itinerary to arranging private airport transfers, Sàwai creates a bespoke experience for you to have your precious time at this beautiful place at the pace of nature with luxurious accommodation.

Have a fin-tastic experience in utter luxury only with Sàwai’s assistance.

Finalize your golf travel plans with us today! -

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