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Famous art history paintings of all time | Luxury art and Marketplace

As Jerzy Kosinski correctly stated, the painting draws the viewer's attention and tells a tale behind depicting the artist's feelings and evoking him to action. Every painting is among the most famous paintings of all time because every artist creates a painting with his heart and sweat.

There is always a hidden inspiration behind preparing that masterpiece, whether it is your dedication to someone, your inspiration from anything, or your depiction of social injustices in society.

We have curated a selection of incomparable artworks from all times and have identified them in the art industry as a whole.

1. The Bathers by Cezanne

  • When: 1898

  • Artist: Paul Cézanne

  • Medium: Oil Painting

  • Place: United States

  • Period: Cubism, Post-Impressionism

  • Current Status: Philadelphia Museum of Art.

The Bathers is a 1906 oil painting by French artist Paul Cézanne. The remarkable thing about this painting is that Cezanne worked on it for seven long years and it remained unfinished when he died in 1906. This artwork, regarded as one of modern art's masterpieces, depicts a group of naked women sitting and talking in the woods.

2. Musicians

  • When: 1595

  • Artist: Caravaggio

  • Medium: Oil Painting

  • Place: Numerous

  • Period: Baroque

  • Current Status: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Musicians, commonly known as the Concert of Youths, is a painting by Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio, an Italian Baroque master. This artwork depicts four lads dressed in quasi-classical garb, three of them singing and playing various musical instruments, and the fourth costumed as Cupid and reaching for a cluster of grapes.

3. Ajanta Paintings

  • When: 2nd Century

  • Artist: Numerous

  • Medium: Oil Paint on Rocks (Tempera Technique)

  • Place: Aurangabad District, Maharashtra State, India

  • Period: Cave Paintings

  • Current Status: Ajanta Caves

The Ajanta Caves are home to one of India's most ancient and famous paintings. This cave is brimming with antique paintings from our forefathers' era. Tempera was used to create the Ajanta cave paintings. The majority of the paintings depict Jataka’s stories about the steps of becoming a Buddha and the Buddha's life.

4. Girl with a Pearl Earring

  • When: 1665

  • Artist: ‎‎ ‎‎Johannes Vermeer

  • Medium: Oil Painting

  • Place: Netherlands

  • Period: Dutch Golden Age

  • Current Status: ‎At Mauritshuis, The Hague‎, Netherlands

Johannes Vermeer, a very accomplished Dutch painter, also made this one of the most famous paintings of the golden era. The painting depicts a lovely young lady wearing a lovely gown that conceals a turban and a massive pearl earring. This painting has been housed in the Mauritshuis in The Hague since 1902 and was also named the most beautiful work of art in the Netherlands in 2006; it has also been used in numerous literary works. You may even find several reproductions throughout the world due to its popularity as a feature of decor and design.

5. The Last Supper

  • When: 1495–1498

  • Artist: ‎‎ Leonardo da Vinci

  • Medium: Tempera, gesso

  • Place: Italy

  • Period: High Renaissance

  • Current Status: At Convent of ‎Santa Maria delle Grazie

Art's Paragon Leonardo da Vinci created this picture in the late 15th century and it quickly became one of the most famous works of that era. Additionally, this renowned picture depicts the live scenario of Jesus' Last Supper in Church with his twelve apostles, during which Jesus informed that one of them had betrayed him. Thus, it is noteworthy that he painted the final supper on drywall rather than wet plaster.

6. Mona Lisa

  • When: 1503

  • Artist: Leonardo da Vinci

  • Medium: Oil Painting

  • Place: France

  • Period: High Renaissance

  • Current Status: At Louvre Museum

Leonardo Da Vinci also made the Mona Lisa is in sometime between 1503-1509. The Government of France owns it and is on the wall of the Louvre in Paris, France. The million dollars Mona Lisa’s Smile is the visual representation of the idea of happiness. People also say that Mona also smiles with you being happy and the smile fades away when you are full of sorrow too.

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