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Luxe Vêtement 2.0 | Must have luxury lifestyle products in your wardrobe!

Coming back strong with yet another list of must-have luxury lifestyle products in your wardrobe. This is the article for you if you have a thing for premium brands and apparel. As a SAWAI Club member, you may take advantage of some of the most sought-after Luxe Vétement, such as limited edition shoes or one-of-a-kind collaborations from around the world, simply by depending on your dedicated lifestyle and concierge consultant.

We offer you the weekly outfit of the day, which can only be obtained through the Sàwai concierge service in India.

1. Gucci’s Floral Embroidery Knit Top

The knitwear of the Ouverture collection is defined by flowers and embroidery. They are presented in a variety of colors and are reminiscent of old handmade pieces. This pink short-sleeved sweater is elevated by an embroidered floral design.

2. Prada’s Embroidered Poplin Skirt

This pleated skirt made of poplin is embellished with embroidered and pressed roses that recreate the shape of Prada's iconic triangle, an elaborate detail that recalls vintage floral decorations reflects the idea of transcending seasonality in favor of a timeless form.

3. Gucci's Diana Mini Tote Bag

The pink leather item is complemented by two neon bands, a whimsical nod to the bands used to keep handles in shape. The tiny tote bag, which combines classic House components, is distinguished by its bamboo handles and Double G hardware.

4. Hermes’ Esprit Peignoir Coat

Esprit Peignoir hooded coat in double-sided cashmere and Middle front fastening with Clou de Selle engraved palladium-plated snap closure on a hidden lambskin tab.

5. Christian Louboutin’s Epic Sandal

The Epic sandal effortlessly reinterprets classic, minimalistic lines in Mr. Louboutin’s inimitable style. This patent leather model features a Loubi Queen upper with asymmetrical front and delicate ankle straps, complemented with a tone-on-tone linen liner. The open-back heel counter subtly protrudes over a 70 mm iconic Pik heel, reflecting Christian's fascination with metallic heels that seem to disappear, as though the wearer was standing on tiptoe.

6. Dolce & Gabbana’s G Amore Sunglasses

Sophisticated and elegant shapes that celebrate the power of simplicity, with a Pink gold metal frame and brown rose gradient lenses, offer 100% UV protection.

7. Louis Vuitton’s Nanogram Earrings

These Nanogram earrings have a striking appearance created by brightly contrasting colors. The fashionable hoops are meticulously engraved with the Monogram pattern in a nod to the House and its artisanal expertise. This polished jewelry can be paired with the season's new hair clips featuring the same detailing.

8. Versace’s Greta Ring

Bold and graphic, this golden ring boasts the iconic Greca pattern. All Versace Jewelry items are lead and nickel-free. All materials are hypoallergenic.

With Sawai bringing all hands on deck, we're providing the entire service to acquire the unique items you desire, making the most distinctive and iconic luxury products just a reply away.

Stay tuned for more exciting blogs coming your way.

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