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Start Your 'Happily Ever After' With Sàwai

“The great marriages are partnerships.”

Sàwai strongly believes in it and thus, perpetuates a firm partnership for your wedding bells. A wedding is an auspicious occasion in one’s life that they look forward to with ideas and moments already picturized in their mind. There is something magical in the air when vows are exchanged; it denotes starting a new chapter in the couple's life with the promise to stay with each other through thick and thin.

Such a special occasion is celebrated with many emotions, dedication, and precision to the details in every aspect that would make the couple's wedding dream come true. Our resources are practically limitless, with a broad range of weddings by location and season to browse through, clothing to suit every bride's style and honeymoon preparation checklists.

The vision and demands for a perfect wedding are all hunky-dory until you sit through the decoration and interior designing, menu selection, the colour of the wedding napkins, venue selection, and innumerous things to be taken care of. This is where Sàwai steps in to ease your mind from all the stress so that you just sit back and cherish every moment.

From attending extended relatives to catering to a humongous venue, we know how exhausting it gets to plan for your much-awaited days. Destination weddings are here to the rescue!

A destination wedding is an excellent chance to spend more quality time with each of your closest friends and family members. You'll receive more one-on-one time with your guests when you plan a destination wedding than you would at a local wedding. Since weddings are 2-3 days events which leaves you with enough time to have fun with your loved ones at a new destination altogether. More than that, it is also a get-away for all of your guests. The spirits are often higher, and guests are more inclined to let loose and have a good time. When people go on vacation, they are at their happiest!

It is assumed that destination weddings tend to be more strenuous at planning and financially on the expensive side, but actually, it doesn’t always happen that way. Because destination wedding venues are well aware that their area is popular with out-of-state couples, most of them provide pre-packaged wedding packages. And with Sàwai at your disposal, you don’t have to worry about anything.

Source: Desert Pearl

One of the advantages of the destination wedding is the intimate experience that only those guests who really care about you will attend the wedding. Because you can keep the decor basic if the venue or location you choose is already scenic, there's less to plan or spend money on! Allow the destination's elements to shine through without making your wedding day any more complicated than it has to be.

Sàwai’s destination for such weddings are:

  • Culturally and architecturally rich palaces in Rajasthan where the royal aura and majestic setting make the state an exemplary hub for scenic nuptials.

  • Exotic and sandy beaches of Goa with turquoise blue sea and the magic of romance in the air.

  • The summer capital of India, Shimla, to experience a fairytale-like wedding with an alluring landscape to become a part of you forever.

With Sàwai's customized services and contact with every minute decision of the wedding, your wedding will definitely have sparks, the glitter of joys, and happy tears for the embarkment of a new journey.

Start your 'Happily Ever After' with Sàwai.

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