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You work hard to create your assets, investments, home, and properties, among other things, to give financial stability to your loved ones.

Isn't it reasonable to safeguard them if something happens to you? Protecting, preserving, and managing your estate during and after your life is the fundamental purpose of estate planning.

The process of establishing and planning a person's succession and financial affairs is known as estate planning. A person's estate plan could include estate management, Estate Preservation, and Estate Legacy during and after their lives. The primary purpose of an estate plan is to guarantee that an individual's estate passes to their chosen beneficiaries, which includes effective tax and succession planning and avoiding or limiting judicial proceedings in succession problems. Despite having an estate tax in the past, India now has no estate tax, estate duty, or inheritance tax, unlike many advanced market economies. Estate Duty was first imposed in 1953 and was repealed in 1985. Estate Planning using Trust Structures was done primarily to reduce Estate Duty/Tax, which is charged on any property (on market value) transferred after the estate owner’s death.

Estate planning: Why is it so crucial to do?

Because it enables you to achieve a lot of important goals, such as:

• A smooth and well-planned succession and disposition of the estate, ensuring that your money and other assets are distributed to the people you choose.

• Effective accumulation and management throughout and afterlife

• To plan for the unexpected, such as who will look after your minor children if you become incapacitated, and avoid potential asset distribution issues.

What is the definition of trust?

The Estate Owner transfers his property to a trust overseen by a Trustee to hold it for specific beneficiaries or benefit both beneficiaries and him in a Trust. A person can construct a ring-fenced structure by following the trust method, ensuring that his future generations are safeguarded through a vehicle he created and directed. The following are the primary stakeholders in the Trust:

• Author of the Trust / Settlor

• Trustee

• Beneficiary


• While estate planning may be unpleasant, the penalty of procrastination can be substantial.

• While some people are put off by the notion that estate planning is complicated, time-consuming, and expensive, creating an estate plan does not have to be a complicated procedure. It is not as complex as it appears.

• You lose nothing but get the certainty that your wishes will be fulfilled if something terrible happens to you.

• As a result, Estate planning is the most prudent step toward securing your family's future and fulfilling your wishes. At Sàwai, we have a wide portfolio of services, Wealth Advisory being one of them. We also look after Estate (wills & trust) and Succession planning for our clients.

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