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Tenant & Property Management Services With Sàwai

“Ownership of property is scaled on a timeline with a brief duration whereas the maintenance of the property is a task for a lifetime.”

We know how difficult it can be to maintain your property, especially when you are away from it, and there is nobody to take good care of the breathing space that holds memories and your hard work. Hence, a specific kind of service is attributed to managing your property, i.e., property management services. Property management is an umbrella term inclusive of the supervision of your property, tenant hunting, property inspection, etc.

Finding the right tenant can be a pain in the neck. Not just to find but getting them on board, the legal documentation, etc., all of this involves a hefty amount of time and energy. Your tenancy management is taken care of at a finger's tip with the upcoming property management services. Odd hour requests for keys and other essentialities are also given acute attention.

Amongst a pool of services that Sàwai offers, one of such services is Property Management Services for renting/managing your property which is inclusive of:

  • Property Onboarding

Once the property owner signs the agreement with us, the assigned dedicated property manager collects the keys and conducts a meticulous inspection to prepare them for rent. A property well-maintained attracts the potential tenant and influences their decision in your favor.

  • Tenant Discovery

Sàwai's extensive network helps the owner in selecting their potential tenant. Our team sets on a mission to reach every possible platform to make the owner's ends meet. We negotiate and put forth the pertinent set of deals on the table.

  • Tenant Onboarding

As the desired and appropriate tenant is approved, Sàwai ensures the timely performance of all the necessary work. You don't have to worry about anything; we got it covered for you. From facilitating a detailed background check of the tenants to collecting deposits and advances, we make sure that you don't lose your cool over such unvarying tasks.

  • Property Inspection and Reports

Since Sàwai is a firm believer in precision, we ensure that a meticulous inspection of the property is done at the time of move in and move out, and a thorough report is articulated to the owner for transparency.

  • On-Demand Maintenance Services

Untimely requests are duly taken into consideration at Sàwai. With our range of networks with skilled craftsmen like carpenters, plumbers, construction workers, etc., all your demands can be met with no worries of any sort.

Sàwai is a pivot solution to all your property-related queries, demands, and problems. With our team expert at its job, we ensure that you experience seamless tenant replacement, property listing, tenant verification, maintenance fee management, and lots of exciting services to alleviate your unnecessary burden.

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