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Why investing in Goa is wise? | Real Estate Advisory - Sàwai

Goa is one of the most rapidly growing coastal states globally and is located in Western India. Also, connected by rail and road, the State offers ~106 km of coastline and 255 km of domestic waterways. Traditionally renowned as a tourism paradise, the state is also influential in agriculture, fishing, and mining (iron ore and manganese). The state boasts one of the highest literacy rates in the country with a growing array of knowledge sectors, including biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and IT. For both foreigners and Indians, Goa is a popular tourist destination, investing in holiday houses that boost its potential for renting well. Many individuals also consider Goa to be a haven for retirement.

Would you like to buy a home away from the heat of city life and close to the natural surroundings? Goa's peaceful location, calm existence, and substantial economic environment make it an ideal investment site for many investors who primarily want to buy a second house.

What makes a good investment bet for Goa? As India's smallest state by area, Goa welcomes several domestic and inquisitive foreign tourists every year. The majority of international tourists visiting Goa stay longer, so they can rent a vacation property. Additionally, at times, the hotels of Goa are unable to accommodate the enormous influx the state sees during the peak season. Holiday homes, therefore, become an alternative for both long-term and flexible tourists.

Investing in a luxury villa is a smarter choice as villas are more like a cross between an investment in a plot and an apartment. This implies that you can invest in an independent estate in Goa, affording privacy without the hassle and costs of owning or constructing a house. Most of the forthcoming mega or infra projects will be along the coastline of North Goa. Following are some intriguing regions to invest in North Goa depending on your budget: Mapusa, Siolim, Penha de Franca, Porvorim, Socorro, Saligao-Calangute Stretch, Candal, Candolim, etc. One can invest in Margao, Vasco, Palolem beach, Utorda, and Colva beaches in South Goa. A beachside property anywhere is an expensive affair and globally renowned to command premium rates due to its prime location as it involves numerous commercial activities.

With Sàwai at your disposal, we offer you the most exclusive private villas in Goa with amenities like spacious balconies, gardens & a swimming pool – these being some of the significant advantages of investment in estates. Even though the investment might be heavy, villas in Goa offer you all the luxury you need without a comparatively great investment in architectural designs, construction & land.

Besides proffering prospective villa options, Sàwai also provides services for property management. So, now you don’t have to worry about looking after your property because we do it all for you. From managing your property’s day-to-day operations to ensuring a steady income from it, we make your property a real asset for you. In addition to that, Sàwai also ensures to get suitable tenants for your place.

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