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Come To Sàwai For Real Estate Advisory

The real estate sector is one of the most globally recognized sectors. Housing, retail, hospitality, and commercial are its four subsectors.

Indian real estate attracted U$ 5 billion institutional investments in 2020, equivalent to 93% of transactions recorded in the previous year. Despite the unprecedented scale of impact of COVID-19 on Indian real estate, gauging from the fact that the sector has incurred a heavy loss since the pandemic broke out, the industry has managed to have sustainable growth as of now. The reason for this is the people’s intent to invest in real estate.

Why do people invest in real estate?

Having a home of your own is a catharsis for every Indian household as it adds to social and mental stability and security. Apart from this, the following are some of the benefits of investing in real estate:

  • Allows you to leverage your investment

  • Better chances of appreciation in value

  • Allows you to have access to regular Cash Flow by renting it out

  • It gives you a sense of financial security

  • Portfolio diversification

  • Tax breaks and deductions

With so many benefits that a real estate investment brings, why not do it with the best?

Sàwai proves to be your trusted real estate advisor to help you identify the best and preferred properties to meet your needs and get you a higher return on investments. Our financial experts design a plan to help our clients achieve their financial and investment goals strategically. From determining the value of a property to conducting an in-depth and comprehensive survey of a property to decipher its true running conditions, are the tasks performed by Sàwai.

Acquisition and disposition of real estate is a complex and sensitive decision that requires one not to miss out on any minuscule details. Thus, our professionals help you document every detail with perfection so that you don’t leave any room for mistakes.

Our consistent approach to value creation: high-quality properties, low cost of capital, consolidation, changes, and significantly disrupts the industry as we focus on customer experience, harnessing the power of data and technology creating innovative business models.

Let Sàwai make your real estate property a real asset. We provide the following core services:

  • Investment Strategy

  • Survey and Valuation

  • Acquisition & Disposition

  • Data Analytics

  • Risk Management

  • Capital Expenditure Optimization

Please schedule an appointment with our experts today:

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