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Ever wondered how and when companies acquire funds?

Where do the companies get professional advice on investments from?

With Sàwai's informative article, let's answer all your questions related to investment banking, advisory firms, etc.


Investment banks are those financial services institutions that act as intermediaries in large and complex financial transactions between an individual / a corporation and a potential investor. Thus, investment banking primarily means creating funds/capital for companies and other entities and helps them plan and manage the financial aspects of their large projects.


In the 19th century, European Merchant banks first established trading houses in India, and since then, the foreign banks have dominated the region's investment and merchant banking activities. With the emergence of a handful of such banks in the 1970s, our first Indian financial institution to offer merchant banking services with its investment banking division. From the 1980s, India has seen exponential growth and development in the financial services industry, be it the commercial banks or other financial institutions like investment banks, etc.

More than 300 investment banks in India are currently giving cut-throat competition to some of their foreign rivals.


  • Raising Capital

  • Mergers and acquisitions

  • Sales and Trading

  • General Advisory Services

  • Underwriting

Investment Banking Advisory firms provide strategic and financial advice to clients, primarily corporations and financial sponsors. Providing deal-specific advice on mergers and acquisitions and finance is a common source of revenue for them. Strategic planning, business valuations, assisting with financial restructurings, and providing a judgment on the fairness of a proposed deal are all examples of advisory services.


  • Services Offered: The wide range of services provided by such advisory firms will be beneficial for you to put your trust in one institution for strengthening your business.

  • Experience: It is critical to ensure that the top personnel of the investment banking firm is actively involved in the project. Their unmatched knowledge and skills will guide you through the right path.

  • Fee structure: It's critical to use a fee structure that balances the firm's and your incentives.

  • Record of success: Even though no reputable corporation can guarantee success, the firm must have a track record of finishing deals.


Among some of the exceptional services that Sàwai offer, one of such is investment banking advisory services. Considering the current investing climate, we will recommend the best way to access private equity, hedge funds, and venture capital. We serve as a helping hand in offering our expert intellectual advice to manage your tangible and intangible assets. Sàwai helps in maneuvering your startup on your terms and conditions with the assistance of our customized, innovative solutions. We assist our clients in gaining access to a network that can aid them in uncovering extraordinary investment opportunities.

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