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Let's Discuss Sàwai! | Impact Family Office

Impact Family Offices are private and independent advisory firms that serve ultra-high-net-worth individuals (HNWI) and families. They provide a broad spectrum of wealth management & financial services, planning, charitable giving advice, concierge, and other comprehensive services.

Sàwai, an impact family office, is an independent exclusive advisor to CEOs, founders, entrepreneurs, next-gen innovators, wealth creators, risk-takers & hard-headed industrialists with a soft spot for adventure. Sàwai offers its clients a one-of-a-kind service by bringing together a varied spectrum of consulting capabilities rarely found in one firm to help them set up their own impact family office.


  • Real Estate Advisory

From Investment Strategy to Capital Expenditure optimization, Sàwai has covered it all for you. We spare no details in providing the best possible advice to craft the best scenario for your financial goals and situation. We present to you some of the finest property deals with proper survey & valuation by factually analysing the data. Beyond that, we also ensure to manage your asset with diligence.

  • Investment Banking Advisory

Sàwai taps the best possible investment opportunities for its clients. Services inclusive of co-investments (debt & equity), access to private equity, venture capital and hedge funds, etc act as a helping hand in the smooth sailing of your assets and the business. Sàwai’s IPR services take the edge off the worries of the management of your intangible assets.

Sàwai greases the wheels of your startup with its rewarding services like business planning, term sheet, finance projection, valuation, shareholder agreement, etc.

  • Wealth Advisory

With our holistic approach to strengthening your business, Sàwai assists in managing your wealth as well. With our professionals’ knowledge and experience, we provide you with the best of the best wealth management services like auditing and financial reporting, taxation, strategic allocation of assets, estate ( wills and trust) and succession planning, merger and acquisition, mutual funds & stocks portfolio maintenance, etc.

  • Luxury Asset Management

Our Luxury Asset Management services make the ownership and administration of super-yachts, private jets, and other valuable possessions simple and secure. Sàwai’s immeasurable services also incorporate managing your private estate and residences, luxury and vintage automobiles, and other highly valued possessions.

From commercialization of your assets to marketing and strategic financial planning, we design and administrate to build around your needs and aspirations.

  • Art & Collectables

Art and Collectables are an essential part of any high-net-worth individuals’ portfolio variegation strategy due to the emotional and social value attached to them. They have the potential and power to outperform equities.

Art, wine, jewellery, and other collectables are tagged with a higher price, denoting their worth as a salient investment. Sàwai helps you get hold of such highly valued prized possessions of your tastes and preferences to add an essence to your living standards and vicinity.

  • Luxury Asset Management

VIP access to events, table reservation at an aesthetically gorgeous restaurant, car rentals, personal assistants, planning of your staycation and travel, etc.; all of this can be possible at a fingertip with Sàwai. We aim to provide such elite services to our clients to make their experience noteworthy.

Sàwai caters to the ultra-high-net-worth individuals and families, young innovators & entrepreneurs, CEOs, founders and risk-takers. As a brand, we believe in excellence and thus, dedicate our utmost and highly qualified professionals to suit your needs and demands so that you limit your dreams and possibilities.

Impact Family Office | Wealth, Investment & Lifestyle Management Service | India | SÀWAI

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