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Make Your Life Extravagant & Seamless With Sàwai Lifestyle Management Services Membership

The choices you make depict your lifestyle. The way you live your life is an advanced version of your personality and your choices and decisions. Taking an extra step forward to care and give importance to your life and the smallest of its details makes a lot of difference.

Lifestyle choices are precious, prudent, and sensitive that add an extra layer of meaning to your subject. This is where managing your lifestyle’s needs and wants to become a priority. Lifestyle managers specialise in specific areas to suggest the best and get the desired possible results. A Lifestyle Manager aims to help wherever needed so that you can enjoy every bit of your life.

When it comes to comfort and lifestyle changes with utmost care and quality standard, trust Sàwai!

With Sàwai’s dedicated team, your needs and desires get the results they yearn for. We not only customise your wishes but also guarantee to make your experience lavish and worthwhile. If you are searching for an answer to ‘why should you choose Sàwai?’, the following will convince you to change your mind to ‘why not!’.

Sàwai’s Lifestyle Management Services:

Travel & Vacations

Some journeys are extraordinary and momentous. Our experts plan and style your trip as per your wants and desires and leave no room for unheard wishes. We not only customise your vacation but also ensure your travelling convenience.

VIP Access

Getting VIP access to your favourite music concert, car racing, football matches, fashion shows, etc., is now an easy road to enjoy exceptional amenities and comfort with Sàwai.


Let’s say that Sàwai sets no speed limits on the road to lifestyle management services. From rental cars to chauffeur services, we take care of everything. Not just that, even your experience witnessing the creation of a four-wheel automobile is also considered with Sàwai’s VIP access to auto expos.

Weddings & Shows

Weddings and shows call for an expert and someone with an eye for details. Sàwai’s team is considered witnessing all your needs, from your choice of wine to videography to your favourite honeymoon destination.

Homes & Interior Design

“There is no place like HOME.”

Sàwai knows the essence of togetherness. Thus, we create interiors that are characterised by their warmth, originality and detail. Our past and current design projects network includes private homes, retail environments, spaces, and work environments, based on the simple belief that good design brings quality to life.

Personal Assistance

We feel the safest and secure when things are personalised.

Sàwai cares about their clients and thus, provides personal assistance services like private catering & management, private yoga and health sessions, private butlers, chefs, nurses and nannies, etc.

Sàwai not only cares about its clients but also their loved ones. Last moment special gift for someone to cheer them up? Sàwai’s is here to the rescue! We care about you and your dear ones, from gifting services to personal shopping, picking fine vintage wines, yoga therapies, beauty treatments, etc.

Drive this road with the best!

Our lifestyle managers are here to make ‘the change’ beautiful and pleasant.

Please schedule an appointment with our experts today:

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