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Having access to premium treatment is an ecstatic luxury in itself. Sitting with your favourite drink behind the glass windows of a box and watching your favourite football player score that magnificent goal is a dream to have! Yes, we are talking about VIP access.

Very Important Person or VIP was not a very popular and common term until sometime after World War 2 by the Royal Air Force pilots. VIPs are treated with more comfort and luxury that is otherwise inaccessible.

VIP customers' patronage is a valuable endorsement for any business. They generate a significant portion of a company's income and frequently produce fresh leads, thus, lowering client acquisition expenditures. These are the connections that a business must cultivate and strengthen the most.

Sàwai leaves no stone unturned in planning your affair extraordinary and momentous. The Sàwai Concierge is the ultimate insider who possesses the ability and contacts that nobody else can. Our thorough knowledge allows us to plan your ideal itinerary intended to suit your needs.


From arranging VIP access to grand hospitality, Sàwai ensures to any demand, quickly and conveniently.

Grand Slams, Polo matches, Champions League finals, etc., you name it, and we have got it. Our Concierge team can access almost any major sporting event. We plan with our travel design team to ensure your athletic experience is flawless and hassle-free.


We complement the diversification in tastes and preferences of our varied clients with our diversified VIP access offerings.

To all the music lovers who love to head-bang on their favourite music, Sàwai is here to add an extra touch of special treatment to your ‘one in a million experience’. VIP wristbands are frequent at concerts, festivals and exclusive events, where VIP visitors have unique and special locations. VIP customers can have a premium, memorable experience with access to services and facilities that a standard ticket can’t buy.


Sitting in the front row and watching such beautiful models walk the ramp for your most admired fashion designer is a treat to observe that not everyone gets access to. Sàwai offers direct access to the most exclusive VIP events in the fashion business, from fashion shows to designer exhibits.

“How you treat them is what they remember!”

Engage with Sàwai to make your events enriching and luxurious with the efforts and dedication of our Concierge team. Not only do we get our clients VIP access, but we ensure every little detail to be incorporated during your travel as well with our best hospitality in making your experience memorable.

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