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Visit Jim Corbett National Park - Uttarakhand | Luxury Travel & Vacations With Sàwai

A vacation to open fields surrounded by dense forest with a mountain stretch and a river stream running through along the sides and a luxurious accommodation to fulfill your dreams of wilderness with tranquility and peace. DON’T JUST DREAM IT, LIVE IT!

Jim Corbett National Park, India's first and the oldest National Park, is the go-to place for your escape to an adventurous ride into the wild. Located in the Nainital district of Uttarakhand, the National park is the paradise of Tigers in India. It was the first Tiger Conservation Project in India which is a homeland to not just a particular cat species but several other exotic animals and birds.

Hop on to this incredible journey to experience the rawness of nature with Sàwai. On your spectacular getaway, spot nature's flora and fauna coexisting harmoniously in the same ecosystem and get an insight into its history with thrill and adventure.

Safaris: Adopt the Pace of Nature

With the options of the kind of safaris, you would like to pick, experience a closer look at the living space of the wild. The National park is home to more than 586 species of resident and migratory birds and 33 species of reptiles. Herds of Indian elephants, tigers, species of deers, Himalayan black bears, etc are some of the most prominent creatures for which tourists level up their excitement to witness them in their natural habitat.

The Corbett Treks

Jim Corbett National Park also has a variety of exciting and nerve-wracking adventure activities to satisfy your inner adventure seeker. With a river flowing on one side and a sky-high mountain on the other, trekking in and around Jim Corbett National Park is an exciting experience. Passing through the sub-tropical jungle, one can expect to see a variety of wildlife, which is plentiful in these woods.

Corbett Falls for a Picnic Spot

Cool and clear water flowing from a height is a treat to your eyes but the passage to reach the destination is equally a charming and aesthetically pleasing experience. Situated in a radar of 30km from Ramnagar, the fall has developed into a sweet picnic spot with the mellow sound of water and birds chirping to give an ASMR live experience. To witness nature in its primitive style, the 'Nature Walk' museum is close to the attraction.

Rock Climbing

Another one of Jim Corbett's demanding adventure sports is rock climbing. This could be your favorite thing to do if you enjoy taking on new challenges. This is one of those sports that demands a great deal of patience and strength. You'll have to scale a Himalayan pebbly cliff. This may take a lot of strength, but you will eventually realize that it was all worth it.

Mountain Biking: Explore the flora and fauna on wheels

Another one of the adventure sports in Jim Corbett for adventure lovers is mountain biking. Driving through the beautiful surroundings and covering the enormous thick forest, is as thrilling and exciting as it sounds. This becomes even more interesting with the setup of night camps which adds a lot more thrill to it. The experience of mountain biking is something that can not be explained in words but can only be felt.

Exotic places in close proximity

Nainital, Bhimtal, Ranikhet, Kathgodam, Haldwani, etc are a few of the exotic and bewitching hill stations that attract a lot of tourists. Who wouldn't want to get carried away into the realm of nature!?

A journey is just as important as your destination. Corbett welcomes you with an open heart with its serene and magnetic presence. The National Park can be reached via a variety of routes:

Rail: If the sound of the train pleases your ears, then book your train ticket to Ramnagar, the nearest railhead from Jim Corbett.

Road: If you love to make your music playlist and groove on them on a long drive then hit the wheels on the road.

Air: Patanagar airport is the nearest domestic airport, approx 50kms away from the town. From there a taxi to Corbett park is easy to access, Sàwai also offers airport transfers with a fully inclusive travel package.

From your traveling choices to luxury accommodations, Sàwai's travel team plays their best cards to curate a customized vacation for you and your loved ones. Get to experience the authenticity of nature and learn its secret of patience with Sàwai.

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